Liner assembly advantages of armed for liner pools

1. 100% customizable in size and shape
Choose the size and shape of your pool free from classical rectangular shape to the free forms with curves. The coating, soft and flexible, is able to satisfy any pool design.

2. Results of high quality
Applies easily and with spectacular results. Welds between layers are invisible even in the smallest details. There are different colors, white, gray, black, sand, green Caribbean, adriatic blue, light blue, red, yellow and a variety of printed sheets.

3. Total impermeability
The complete tightness ensured by the coating permanently protects the constructive structure of the vessel.

4. Resistant microorganisms and imputrescibility
Very tough, does not undergo any modification of molecular phenomena due to its formulation prevents formation of microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, spores, especially in water when the water is not treated completely throughout the year.

5. Insensitivity to seasonal changes
The pool liner suffers severe thermal excursions. No problem with the alternation of hot-cold cycles does not modify in any way the pool liner, thanks to the dimensional stability tested at temperatures of -35 ° C to +80 ° C.

6. Durability of the colors of the liner
The technology used for the pigmentation of the coating determines the color purity ensuring its consistency over time.

7. Resistant U.V.
Since, in most cases, pools are placed in the open, the coating must withstand without damage necessarily to the action of ultraviolet rays.
Years and years of exposure to the sun and the light does not cause any degradation of the coating characteristics that has passed the most stringent international control tests.

8. Resistant to chemicals for water treatment
Specific products, mostly based chlorine for water treatment pools in PVC-P, used according to the specifications, do not damage the lining in any way.

9. Mechanical strength of the pool
Preserve all the tears caused by violent hailstorms or accidental shocks.

10. Warranty
We guarantee 10 years for the manufacture and installation. Thousands lined pools with liner endorse in Spain and the world, the quality of our coating.
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